Inside Linebackers

NLB’s Inside Linebacker (ILBs) program equips athletes with the tools optimize ILB play and maximized their potential. The ILB curriculum is a total training package that covers all facets of the game. Whether you are just beginning to play or an elite athlete looking for finish details in your advanced game, players can expect precise teaching and improved ILB skills. The NLB program include work on all the following:
Understanding Alignment and Stance for competitive advantage

Footwork for balance and burst

Understanding “Fits” in run game mastering techniques to beat both zone and gap schemes.

Movements strategies and technique for block destruction *Hand placement*

Technique for covering backs out of the backfield.

Understanding Pass Protections (man vs zone)

Blitz posture and technique

Proper tackling technique

Coverage Techniques


Outside Linebackers

With today’s explosive offensive systems and passing games, elite Outside Linebacker play has become paramount in football. Outside linebackers need to be able to rush the passer and execute coverage responsibilities. NLB training sessions and program prepare athletes to be a complete linebacker. Out NLB curriculum is based on the AARP system; Alignment, Assignment, Responsibility and Play. It is a total package and has become a premier position on defense. Whether an entry-level or elite athlete, players can expect precise teaching and improved linebacking skills. Linebacker sessions and program include work on all of the following:
Stance and Starts

Reading from different angles.

Hat Reads on L.O.S.

Blitz posture and technique

Understanding the DNA of Routes and how to defend your designated area

Technique for covering slot receivers and backs out of the backfield.

Understanding space and disguise

Creating turnovers

Coverage Techniques


Skill Development

NLB has compiled a library of visual aids and interactive applications that will accelerate the athletes cognitive football IQ.
NLB has developed a football curriculum from the linebacker’s perspective in order to allow athletes to receive a truly unique experience.
NLB will teach athletes how to evaluate opponent film, cut ups and training videos
Like a pitching coach or a QB coach Next Level Backers will evaluate and give feedback from previous game film to help athletes learn from previous games in order to optimize future performances.
NLB evaluate your personal game film and camp film to help you walk away with the best experience you will ever receive from a football program.
This is a clinic program; NOT a camp!!! Next Level Backers is a training program that will assist in the development of student-athletes throughout their high school and college careers.