About Us

Next Level Backers will develop the necessary skills to become an elite student athlete. This program teaches and enhances essential tactical and technical linebacker skills needed to optimize on-field performance, develops leadership skills and provides students with standardized test preparation tools.

NLB Inception

NLB was conceived by Co-Founder and Program Director, Coach DeJuan Payne after coaching in an All-Star Game. Although the players were physically gifted, there were apparent gaps in their common football knowledge. As a former collegiate football coach and player, Coach Payne understands that there are certain progressive skills players need to know and understand before they can succeed at the next level. While most programs focus on 7 on 7 and schemes specific to offensive players, Coach Payne saw a need to develop a program specifically tailored to linebackers and their developmental skill progression. During a brainstorming session with Co-Founder, Coach Tim Goodwell (former NFL player and childhood friend), they began designing the Next Level Backers training

Next Level Backers Is For You

NLB was developed for any football player interested in playing the linebacker position. This program is NOT just a fly by night football camp. It is a holistic program meant to enhance the student-athlete. NLB helps train linebackers to understand the game and enhance the coaching they are receiving at their respective schools. Student-Athletes will be taught by certified coaches on the physical aspects of playing the linebacker position (tactical) and will be exposed to a variety of concepts and mental facets of playing the position (technical). Lastly, NLB will assist in providing recruiting information (ACT/SAT Dates, NCAA guidelines and timelines, etc.) as well as provide with opportunities for standardized testing preparation.